Actinolite In Quartz 3


Actinolite possesses the qualities of balance, harmony and equilibrium.

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Actinolite possesses the qualities of balance, harmony and equilibrium.

It brings your body’s functions into harmony and balance. It can affect the color vibration of other stones and enhances their overall effectiveness.

It can increase ones self-esteem by getting rid of negative feelings, especially those of isolation that can hinder progress. It makes us more in tune with nature and all of our surroundings. Use Actinolite to connect with spirit guides.

Actinolite helps strengthen the processes of your physical body, and allows it to accept what has taken place. It encourages your spirit to explore new directions, and gives awareness if you have strayed from your original goals. It promotes a feeling of self-worth and strength and encourages inner balance and patience.

it is an excellent stone for psychic shielding, as it expands your aura and crystalises its edges, connecting you to higher awareness while bringing body, mind, psyche and spirit into balance.

For individuals who wish to become more spiritual, actinolite serves as a sort of gateway into that realm. Life is all about balance, and sometimes we can all use a little help from the earth. If you want to bring some positive energy into your life, consider using Actinolite.

It is a protective shield which repels your own negative thoughts – this is particularly true of black Actinolite – and assists your body in adjusting to changes or traumas. An effective aid to visualisation and imagery. It also helps instigate the balancing process of emotional and physical acceptance, and produces the openness and the well-being that allows you to be available and receptive to Divine energies.

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