Celestite Egg 3


Stone Cut: Egg
Stone Size: 3.59 In. x 2.56 Inches
Stone Weight: 1 Pound 5.1 Ounces
Stone Color: Blue
Quantity: 1 Stone
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None
Location: Sakoany, Madagascar

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Celestite assists with clairaudient communication, linking directly with the angelic realm, providing articulate verbalisation of the messages received. Celestite promotes dream recall, and provides for the mental state necessary for astral travel.

Celestite assists one in maintaining a sense of personal security as the consciousness takes on greater dimension. It invites the mind to enter into a state of unlimited openness and total awareness, and great power is embodied when peace of this kind is accessed. It is perfect for personal meditation work and is an excellent stone for dream recall. It aids in hope and harmony, communication, and clarity of mind. It balances energies, is very calming, and is quite a harmonious crystal.

This is another stone that can be used for good luck, good fortune. It can be used by those who wish to take a chance with some endeavor where they know the outcome could be in their best interest.


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