Chiastolite Tumbled Stones


Stone Cut: Tumbled Stones
Stone Size: Average Size Is 1 Inch
Stone Weight: Mixed
Stone Color: Brown
Quantity: 1 Piece
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None

39 in stock


The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word “chiastos” meaning cruciform or crosswise. This crystal also has the common name of Cross Stone. The stone Andalusite is the same stone, in another form, that does not have a visible cross within it. These brown stones with a black cross in the center are found in a number of countries, including Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, China, France, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Canada and the USA. Chiastolite has long been used for protection from illness and the negative thoughts or ill wishes of others. Chiastolite was worn or held to ward off the evil eye, among other negative influences. Chiastolite is thought to protect astral travelers, meaning experiencing “travel” or “awareness” outside of the physical body, from physical harm by grounding their physical bodies. As well as protecting travelers, Chiastolite is thought to enhance the gateways of astral travel, making the process of out of body experiences easier. Chiastolite is associated with balancing the immune system, healing hormonal imbalances and calming the nerves. Practiced healers use Chiastolite to lessen the effects of fever and rheumatism as well as increase lactation in nursing mothers. This brown stone has a highly protective vibration. In the distant past Chiastolite was used to ward off the evil eye and curses by ancient people. This is a stone of balance and harmony… and will counter disagreements between people of differing ideas, and transform their attitudes into one of harmonious agreement. This is an excellent stone for you to use alongside the higher vibration stones, as it is a powerful stone to aid you to journey to higher spiritual realms and to learn about the contents of the akashic records, while remaining grounded.


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