Ironstone Egg 1


Stone Cut: Egg
Stone Size: 3.53 x 2.69 In.
Stone Weight: 1 Pound 3.8 Ounces
Stone Color: Browns
Quantity: 1 Piece
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None
Location: Madagascar

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Iron, exhibits the metaphysical properties of its components as well as its own. Iron is the perfect companion for those who tend to take on others feelings and emotions (whether consciously or unconsciously). Readers and Healers should keep a piece of Iron close to remain grounded, balanced and centered during a session. Iron is a powerful lower Chakra stone, promoting physical vitality, energy, and stamina. Iron is a helpful aid to those who feel emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted and burned out. Full of grounding Earth energy, Iron also helps to find courage and refuge in times of danger, and promotes a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles. Iron is helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving personal strength in times of change.

Iron is a great stone to use for creative solutions and ideas. Many musicians, artists, actors, and writers find Tiger Iron to be a perfect ally in their pursuits, but it is also helpful for any in the working world to come up with new ways of dealing with old problems. Iron acts as a supreme healing stone, encouraging the remembrance of perfection within the cells, and can be therefore laid upon any affected areas to bring improvement. For those sensitive types, Iron can pull extraneous energies down into the lower chakras, thereby enhancing emotional integrity and centering the self. Physically, Iron can assist those who have chemical or noise sensitivities. It can be used to relieve stress and aid in soothing fractures, cramps and aching muscles.


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