Pink Epidote & Scapolite Tumbled Stones


Stone Size: 3/4 – 1 Inch Pieces Average
Stone Cut: Tumbled Stone
Stone Color: Pink & White
Quantity: 1 Stone
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None
Location: Peru

54 in stock


Epidote is a stone of amplification, as it has the tendency to increase and expand everything it touches, be it energy or material object. It can strengthen emotional and spiritual growth. It releases and purifies suppressed emotions ones and for all. Therefore epidote opens the doors toward spirituality, and individuals attracted to this stone often feel strong desire for spiritual awakening. Epidote is a strong purificator of the astral body and auras. It is a stone that promotes perception, strengthens interaction and sharing with other people, and increases social awareness. Scapolite is known as a stone of problem solving and achievement. It is said to help find elegant solutions to problems, make changes in one’s life, and bring inspiration and strength of purpose. Use Scapolite for bringing energies of breaking old patterns of sabotaging self and bringing acceptance of success. In this way, Scapolite is a stone of success too.


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