Pink Limb Cast Tumbled Stones


Stone Size: 2 – 2.9 inch Pieces
Stone Cut: Tumbled Stone
Stone Color: Pink
Quantity: 1 Stone
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None

8 in stock


During a crisis, a piece of Petrified Wood will give you strength and support, providing insight into cause and effect. You will remember lessons, avoiding repetitive mistakes. Petrified Wood will help you forget petty worries, so that no thought or action is useless. Petrified Wood is an excellent gem for leaders. It has endured the ravaging changes of time and become stronger, as will you if you ask for its help in your leadership role. Petrified wood is a stone that is good for grounding and stabilizing one’s emotions. It is particularly useful in calming survival-based fears, as it assists one in accessing their practical side for answers, then offering a feelings of safety and security. It is a stone of business success, and a good stone for general protection.

Limb cast is a form of petrified wood, wherein the organic material as been replaced by Agate. Organic and gentley resonates with the Heart of the Earth. Limb cast enhances mental flexibility and suppleness to the thought structure underlying. Fosters meditation and astral travel. Liberating and dignifying.


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