Prehinite Tumbled Stones


Stone Size: 3/4 – 1 inch Pieces
Stone Cut: Tumbled Stone
Stone Color: Green
Quantity: 1 Stone
Cut & Polish: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Treatment: None

76 in stock


Prehnite is powerful used in meditation… especially if you want to make contact with those in spirit. It will help your mind to become more peaceful and relaxed… as it soothes restlessness and worry.Prehnite is quite a protective stone. It can protect one on all levels, as it strengthens the life force and generally increases energy as well as stimulating it. It aids spirit communication through meditation and visualization, out of body travel and as a powerful dream stone. It is also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner knowing of oneself. It is a very accepting stone, encouraging analytical thinking and helps to dispel unpleasant memories.This green stone also assists you to make a connection with elemental beings… who love to be of service to you, if you treat them with respect. This green stone supports personal discipline, and it encourages the heart to surrender to Divine will. It seals the auric field so it is very protective during meditation, so keeping a piece on your body may be highly beneficial.


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